Failure to Boot

19 Feb 2010
Update: Got it working with jumper reset and moving the R9 down one slot.

Hey, I hope you guys can help. My rather old pc has started exhibiting some weird behaviour and failing to boot.

The specs

i5 2500k overclocked 4.4

Cooler master sealed water cooling (newest part of the computer)

R9 280x sapphire toxic 3GB (a later addition)

12 GB ram (can’t remember the make)

P8P67 pro rev3

2 HDD and 2 SSDs

850 Cooler master gold modular PSU

So I hadn’t used the computer much. Turned it on and the keyboard lights came on for a second and went off. Looked at the motherboard and the VGA light was on. Had a look at the GPU and only two of the 3 fans was spinning. Tried swapping it out with a super old GPU I had and the computer boots but freezes at the windows loading screen then blue screens.

Even stranger running both GPUs, the older one occupying the lower slot and the R9 on the top slot (its original) lets it start without the VGA warning light and even has display output from the R9 but once again freezes and the R9 two fans spin and one doesn't !

Any ideas ?
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