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Fanless HTPC case

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by ver01@, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. ver01@


    Joined: Aug 7, 2017

    Posts: 857

    Looking to build a silent HTPC that will be able to play the occasional game at 4k (got a mini 1080).
    Would the Streacom DB4 be ok?
  2. koooowweeee


    Joined: Jan 13, 2010

    Posts: 5,323

    Location: Manchester

    Would be a interesting build log for me. But rather than fanless maybe some (one/two) really slow silent fans ?
  3. ver01@


    Joined: Aug 7, 2017

    Posts: 857

    I wouldn't mind a "lazy" 140mm or bigger fan - if it can fit
  4. CageyH


    Joined: Nov 28, 2011

    Posts: 94

    I have just set out to upgrade my fanless music server for my HiFi, which is hidden behind the TV.
    I am using an old Fractal Design R5 case, as it is nice and quiet.

    I currently have a Q9550 cpu on an Asus P5K mobo running 8Gb of ram, which I am thinking of upgrading.

    I want to transfer my Zalman FX70 across to cool the new CPU, and use a couple of quiet Noctua fans that I have to shift air through the case.

    Sound card wise I have an Asus Xonar Essence card upgradraded with Burson Audio V6 vivid Opamps.

    There is also an old Asus HD6950 (?) Direct CU graphics card, that I either want to replace or get rid of with onboard graphics, as I don’t use the PC for movies.

    So a few question, what is a good mobo/cpu combo with a low TDP for my needs?
    Is there a reasonable quality, but cheap passively cooled graphics card that has VGA and HDMI out?