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FAO 2140 / 2160 overclockers - BIOS settings?

13 May 2003
What BIOS settings are you all using on these chips? So far in terms of my 2140 I've been installing software etc., so for stability I've just changed the FSB to 333 nothing more to give 2.6GHz. Obviously I'll be pushing to 3GHz later and hopefully beyond, but a 1GHz overclock from changing one simple setting isn't bad at all.

Anyway I'd like to know if anyone has a Gigabyte P35C-DS3R or if not specifically that board, any helpful BIOS settings that allowed people to achieve a decent overclock. My RAM for example is Corsair DDR2 4-4-4-12 PC6400 and I'm not sure whether I should leave it at 800 or try and clock it 1:1 with the FSB?

Can you post:
- chip
- motherboard
- clock speed
- CPU Vcore
- RAM divider
- memory make and timings
- PCI-E frequency
- any other relevant BIOS settings such as mem voltage and mobo voltages
- some measure of stability i.e. temperature and stress test performed

I've seen the main clocking thread but there don't seem to be many people posting all their BIOS settings.
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