fill in the gaps in my spec plz ?

1 Feb 2009
hi guys, long drawn out spec for new pc, drawing to conclusion by time this months wages hits :)

i need silent, energy efficient but high spec.

so heres what i have so far:

cpu i7 860
mobo gigabyte ud4 is favoured right now.
psu - silent if poss looking at bequiet or zalman heat pipe zm600
ram 4gb corsair/ocz
hdd caviar green 1.5tb
ssd ? which one is best performance & value?
gfx - looking at ati 4550 or higher ( must have hdmi & dvi) no gaming, mainly HD stuff. passively cooled preferred.
cpu cooler - h50 or air cooler (must be near silent)

open to suggestions and advice, thanks :)
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