Film Review: Fish Tank

18 May 2004
A BBC film funded by the lottery. The lead character was "discovered" whilst she was arguing with her boyfriend in a train station. She was unemployed and had dropped out of school.

I don't really have the vocabulary or nesecary writing skill to do this film justice. Multi layered, a complex and involving story. The acting is absorbing and some of the most believable I have seen and all from an unknown cast. Very few times I have watched a film and got to know the character so well I could make her decisions ahead of her. I knew which way she would turn.

Not only is the story enthralling but the cinematography is spot on, the kind that leaves you smiling at certain points where you see the direction is perfect.

In short, I true work of art that is seldom seen, the kind of thing hollywood could only dream of producing.

See it, if it doesn't move you, you have no soul :D
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