First Vista x64 Problem (likely reinstall required)

12 Mar 2005
Strange one this...

All my 32-bit programs can no longer access the internet. Last night they were working, today they are not. The PC is virus and malware free and I can access the internet fine through IE7 64-bit version. Also I can ping websites from the command prompt by name and IP address.

When closing down the 32-bit programs vista thinks there has been an error so it's likely a problem with how the 64-bit part of the OS is interacting with the 32-bit emulation and not the connection itself.

There are a couple of threads about this on the MS forums but no real solution. I've been trying to fix it since 3.30pm today and I've run out of ideas.

I think it's time to back up and reinstall from scratch unless you guys have any ideas. :(
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