Fix mbr

10 Feb 2008
Ok so i recently installed ubuntu and have since removed it by deleting and formatting the partition it was on. Now ofcourse when this happens the grub still remains (for people unfamiliar with linux this is what enables you to dual boot the two OSs)

Loading the windows installation CD, entering repair and then fixing the MBR via command prompt usually returns your computer to automatically booting into windows. However, after a few tries of using bootrec.exe /fixmbr, or /fixboot, or rebuildbcd. Etc. It is still coming up with an error. I can still load windows by pressing the button at BIOS to choose what i boot from and then selecting the HDD that its installed on. It's just getting a MBR setup correctly so that i dont always have to do this that is the issue :(

Any insight appreciated!


Edit: Windows is Vista Premium 64bit
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