Flight 93

14 Oct 2003
Ok, somebody explain to me why you'd want to watch this film? Would you actually enjoy it? Would you buy it in the £3.50 bin in your local store?
12 Sep 2003
Worcester, UK
See a film that actually ackowledges some guys tried to fight back against the terrorists, that they may have prevented another plane hitting and killing more innocent people...why would I want to watch something that actually shows ordinary folks can be heroic :rolleyes:

Regardless of the fact it's a fictional movie based on real facts, if it reminds folks there was a 4th plane on that day and it wasn't just the folks at the WTC/Pentagon/First 3 planes that died...i'm all for it!

EDIT: Undoubtedly it will be over patriotic and possible contain pass the sickbag sentimentality, but as I originally said, some peeps need to reminded there was a 4th plane!
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1 Dec 2003
i thought it was ok. there was a lot of emotionally charged scenes
i'm not sure how acurate it is but it took them so damn long to decide and actually break into the cockpit. they knew the trade centers had been hit and the plane was all over the place. you just wanted them to go for it.Worse than that though was the pilots. They get a message saying beware of cockpit invasion, hijackings taking place. While they are waiting on confirmation of this message there is a rap at the cockpit door, they look at each other then nod to the navigator bloke who opens the door, Bam! Its all over. Again I’m not sure how truthful this part is. I guess its easier for me to sit on the sofa and tell them what to do than actually being there :o
If the whole 9/11 thing interests you then you’ll like this I think
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29 Mar 2003
Stoke on Trent
There is a thread here -

Why would you watch it?
To see what these poor people went through.
To see their reactions when they realised that they weren't being hijacked and being taken somewhere. To then go an and find out from relatives what had happened at the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and finally realising that they were all going to die and they had to do something about it.
I'm not ashamed to say that I cried.

Of course, if you believe in tin foil hat theories and that the plane never existed then it won't mean a lot so avoid.
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