Freeview TFT, ordinary, bug, small

5 Oct 2009
I currently have a Belinea 20" widescreen 1680x1050 that is failing.

I'm tempted by the combo TFTs that have a freeview built in, but I also have a DigiTV PCI decoder already.

Since 24" seem to be huge res's, and my machine is a E2200, 8800GT powered box, I'm a little concerned that a 24" will force me to upgrade the vid card. On the other hand, a BluRay player hooked up to one would be handy too, but I'm concerned about the 16:9 / 16:10 shift on game res's

Further confusion is thrown by the upcoming LED backlight based monitors coming from Benq. Should I wait for those?

Aaargh, it used to be so simple!!

Initially, was seriously considering the 2209WA


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