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Fuji XT2 for video

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by englishpremier, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. englishpremier


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    Seems there are a lot of Fuji users on here judging by the Fuji thread.

    Do any of you guys use it for video?

    I'm shooting more and more video these days, but stuck with 1080p on my A7, so most of my shots are on the RX100 IV. Problem is that while the RX100 is a great little pocket camera, I don't really enjoy using it, and at times having to record audio off camera is a pain. Add to that I want more creative control.

    I love the feel of my A7, the viewfinder is nice and large and I'm very comfortable using it. It's still a great stills camera (despite its age), but not great for video.

    To fund an XT2 I'd need to sell some of my gear, which if fine, but I'm concerned that the XT2 won't measure up in terms of stills when low light ability and shallow DoF are important (love my Plannar 1.7).

    Ideally I'd just get an A7sII, but at £3,000 it's way over my budget. There's a GH5 due out early next year, but again it's likely to be a lot more expensive than the XT-2 (even if it does have 10bit internal recording), and it's physically larger than both the A7 and XT2.

    Any thoughts/opinions?
  2. ethan


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  3. englishpremier


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    Cheers Will take a look at that.

    Nah, this board needs less mega threads where it's impossible to find anything. IIRC the mods were trying to cut down on them a few years back.
  4. rogan

    Wise Guy

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    TBH, all my Fuji friends moved to Sony when they started shooting more video.

    You might better off upgrading in the sony department
  5. An Exception


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    The 4k quality is meant to be very good on the Fuji. Also you don't get overheating issues as far as I know. What I like most is you can use Fuji's film profiles in video mode.

    With that said, I would probably go with a a6500 personally. You can use basically any lens and the video is stabilised internally.
  6. Spleen Sauce


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    Very impressed with the quality from my Panasonic G80. Excellent for the money.