Gaming with a Gameboard

3 Oct 2009
North Wales
I have to say its awesome and you probably wont know until you buy one of these things.

I have a belkin n52te which I hardly ever used, plugged it in today and its been awesome. Don't need the driver just assign commands to the keys ingame. Works like a charm.

In my case its given me a massive amount of mouse space which is a revelation.

Maybe the G13 is better I don't know but I'd definetely reccomend this or the razer nostromo which I think is the same thing.

I'm just using the keyboard for chat and doing everything else ingame with the gameboard. This is kickass. Probably looks weird though but who cares.

I've only tried it with fps games and its great for those, but I think it would be great for lots of genres.

I reccomend trying a decent gameboard like this one it might convert you :D
18 Oct 2002
Hear, their, everyware ;)
I have quite severe's_contracture on the little and fourth finger in my left hand and also on the same fingers but far less severe in my right hand (Mouse hand) which gives me effectively two fingers and a thumb I can use reliably on my left hand and a Gameboard (n52) is a god-send for me, but it's a royal PITA if the game needs any typing as then you have to juggle the Gameboard, keyboard and mouse :(
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