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garage battery light

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by hornetstinger, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. hornetstinger


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    I use a couple of small aa/was powered closet lights they're suitable for those uses but I need a bright battery powered light for a garage. There is no power to the garage so light handy to avoid trips in the dark. Anyone know of one?
  2. DXP55


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  3. RichL

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    I have one of these
    Good worklight,lasts as well as it says on the site.Does take a while to charge though
  5. sovietspybob


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    Those LED worklights are fantastic and i love mine, they are very directional so i don't think i'd fancy lighting up a garage with one or 2 of them. You really want something more like a strip light on the ceiling i'd have thought?

    You can get 12v LED strip lights and wire them in to a car battery? I've done this in my shed, i've got a small 20watt solar panel which keeps the battery topped up but even without this you'd probably only need to take the battery to charge every few months.

    Look on eBay and the like for campervan conversion lights, or any automotive stuff as that'll all be 12v