10 Nov 2020
Hey All,

Brad here! Living in south east London but from a little south of Sydney, in Australia.

Finally decided I to build a decent PC after many many moons of just saying 'ill do it later'.. and then boom! Good luck buying parts this year! lol

Currently in the queue for a 5900x and was silly enough to put a few other things I need on that order, like a PSU (kolink 850w Platinum - not sure if this will be good enough but time will tell!)/Case (Phanteks P600) to complete the few lonely parts at home already. Like a Meg Ace X570 mother board, a m.2 ssd and 16gb ram - figured it would be a fun project. It

I still have to sort out what Im going to do about a GPU, sigh.. Any suggestions would be welcome! I was intending for a 6800/6800 XT, but was even considering a much lower end card to get things running (when i finally get the other parts).

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