Geil RMA

31 Oct 2007
Gods County(Allegedly)
Faulty DDR 4 2666mhz ram (4 x 4gb) so needed to rma.

Thought it might help to advise how it went as I had to deal with Geil direct.

Much better and quicker than anticipated:)

The e-mail RMA was straightforward. They sent within 48hrs a form to complete to issue an rma number - this took some time as I had to ask Ocuk for a copy of the invoice (needed by Geil) and as it was over the weekend ..... But once to hand I got on and completed the form etc

The ram did have to be returned and I was concerned as to the probable cost of returning such to Taipei , however , it turns out you only have to send to Netherlands (well I did , anyway) so pretty easy and quick using Royal mail.

Took about 3/4 working days after receipt by them for them to send replacement by DHL Express from Taipei , which arrived in 2 days.

Overall probably took 2 weeks - It actually took 3 1/2 weeks but of this 1 1/2 weeks was me mucking about (I decided that I could not live without a PC for what might be a good few weeks , assuming that it could be months , I bought some Corsair ) .

Summary - NO complaints at all!

It was a smooth painless procedure the only glitches being firstly the fact that I could not find the original invoice (sorted by Ocuk very quickly:)) and secondly my impatience:p (not their fault at all).