Gigabyte fusion

16 Jan 2021
Hi have a gigabyte mother board and currently control it by fusion. I was wondering can i connect any RGB fans and lights and they will work in fusion?

New to the lighting up ur pc thing
17 Apr 2009
Most will work with Fusion. Corsair, NZXT and Thermaltake use their own proprietary software instead. Look for stuff which says it supports motherboard control and you should be good to go.

RGB Fusion causes issues for a lot of people though. The most common one is Easy Anti-Cheat flagging it as a trainer, and booting you from games. But other oddities pop up. In my case, I had no software control over my GPU while it was installed. The fans would be locked to 100%, and the RGB frozen however it was coming out of boot that day (as in, it was on Rainbow by default, and the animation would freeze as soon as Windows loaded). I've just finished moving everything over to Corsair. Way better control software, and no issues. Cost a fair bit overall though.
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