Gigabyte Z690i Aorus Ultra DDR4/DDR5 - WHEA errors

22 May 2010
I've been reading a lot about this problem and i realise that some major retailers have pulled this board from sale due to the above problem. I've seen some creep back in for sale on some other sites whether its new stock or old stock i have no idea.

I do have a question though, does the error affect all boards or is it just some? Those of you who have been affected by this, what gpu did you use or if you even experienced this issue at all?

I want to pull the trigger on a DDR4 board for a K chip and the gigabyte board is the most affordable and feature rich for that price point but the issue with PCIE gen 4 and WHEA errors is putting me off. There's no sign of the PLUS board anywhere in the UK either except for the US.

Do i risk buying one and hoping it works without the problem or just wait for the PLUS to eventually arrive?
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