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18 Oct 2002

Its a free online football club manager type game... looks quite interesting.

"Goalunited is a free browser-based football (soccer, if you're so inclined) management game which allows one to pitch teams against those of real-world rivals. The English-speaking league has been launched today, and joins leagues from across Europe with over 80,000 players and nigh near enough on 250,000 teams already in the game.

The game works via your browser using flash, and is compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, among others. It's free to join and play, and the English league will take off in earnest next week."

Ive just signed up under Marcello Filthy-Rich with the club Sunday Roast :D Just waiting for approval now...

edit: no idea whether the personal info you put in is your info or the info you want for the club manager :confused: It wouldnt take my postcode so I just made something up for the manager/club address.
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