Godzilla PVR

14 Jun 2004
Might be of interest to the windowers for PVR. see link for full article.

Godzilla PVR

The King of all Monster PVRs
Powered by SnapStream Beyond TV 4


With the third installment of our Monster PVR series, we here at SnapStream asked ourselves, “How can we beat the Medusa PVR, our 6 tuner beast, and our Hydra PVR, our 10 tuner monster?”

Why, by making an 11 tuner system with HDTV support, of course! This is when the Godzilla PVR system, king of all monsters was born. How do we top the Hydra PVR? This system is an ultra high end HTPC showcasing Beyond TV 4 and capable of recording 11 shows, 4 high definition and 7 standard definition, at once. With Beyond TV 4’s HDTV support and with its unlimited tuners, you can create your own monster system.


Edit : oops i put this in the worng forum i think. think it should be in windows
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