going dual

5 Sep 2009
Bedfordshire, UK
im thinking of getting a second screen for my system, im currently using a
22" Viewsonic which i like, and would like to add another as i do alot of digital imaging and it would make it alot easier.
i currently have an ATI 4870, would this allow me to have a dual screen setup? and what outputs would they be

also i do still play games and wondered how this effects this having it displayed on 2 screens
12 Mar 2009
The card should allow dual setups, yes (would be easier to verify with a more detailed manufacturer spec). I used to run one monitor on VGA and another on DVI on my old graphics card. If you set the monitors up to clone for some reason you will simply get 2 images of the same thing. Most games however will run on the main monitor and not allow you to easily select something on the secondary monitor (some do) where you have for example MSN running.

Some games will run on 2 monitors and provide a second view or more data etc on the second monitor. To access programs other than the full screen game you either need to run in Windowed mode (I don't really recommend this) or use Ctrl+Tab to switch between apllications. Different games react differently to that though.
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