GPU Overclocking Project

27 Sep 2020
I'm looking to see if i can get any extra performance out of my Asus RTX 2080 GPU (stock non Ti), so have been looking at enhanced cooling options so I can get to a bit of overclocking.

Came across this on the OC store, and wondered if this seems like a good option, with a couple of fans?

I can see that NZXT sell the Kraken models with AIO Cooler with the GPU Adaptor, but that seems a waste of the Kraken considering I wont be able to see the display.

I've got an Arctic Freezer II AIO cooling the CPU so in an ideal world I would get a GPU adaptor and use that for GPU, then maybe put a good air cooler on the CPU instead. However, I can't see that Artcic do an adaptor like NZXT do.

Can anyone suggest any good options for enhanced Air or AIO cooling for the 2080?

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