Group policy local machine config

19 Jul 2006
Having a few problems with office on the network but have narrowed it down
having had a poke about in regedit my problem is in current users > software > office >14 > common > vbaoff (1)
and in local machine > software > office >14 >common >vbaoff (1)

if im an admin i can go in and turn them both to 0 and problem solved.
if im a normal user ( i have allowed access to regedit for this) i can only update the current user when i go to local machine and try to change i get an error

I have now got a group policy that uses the admin templates so
computer config > policies > admin templates > microsoft office 2010(machine) >disable VBA for Office > disabled (needs to be disabled to enable it, well done microsoft)
and user config > policies . admin templates > microsoft office 2012 > disable vba for office > disable

i have given the security filtering to just one test member of staff logging on a computer and going to regedit it looks like the current user setting has changed but the local machine setting has not.
Is there anyway around this?
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