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GTX 680 Surround mode problem help/technical support

12 Dec 2010
Washington D.C.
I am having issues with powering down the computer, starting it back up and Windows won't load back into 2D Surround mode and I just get a black screen with 310.10 (or any GTX 680 drivers out there at the moment) with 3 and 4 way GTX 680 SLI. I have to unplug one of the monitors so that Win 7 doesn't see the third monitor on boot-up, then one screen activates, plug the third monitor back in, do rigorous display detection and set up Surround mode all over again. I can tell by the hard disk light that Windows 7 itself is boot-up fine when this problem occurs and I get normal hard drive activity during start up and shut down, it's just nothing is sent to the displays.

It only does this when the machine is powered down but works fine and boot's back up into Windows in Surround mode if it's a non-power down re-boot. It's like the Surround mode is losing the info of one of the monitors and crashing on cold boot-up even with all three FW900 CRT monitors in "stand-by" mode and providing an EDID signal. I noticed after correcting the Surround mode that two monitors show the EDID info of the FW900 monitors but one changes to simply "analog display" for some reason, I think that may be why Surround mode is crashing on start-up. It never did this with my GTX 580's and worked fine so it is most likely something with the drivers.

Help would be appreciated from anyone experiencing this same issue and/or from nVidia as having to go through this process every time I want to play a game is extremely tedious to say they least! I have found this is NOT PCI-E 3.0 registry edit related as it does this in PCI-E 2.0 mode also and with fresh install of drivers either 300.83 or 310.10.

If ManuelG or anyone with similar problems or at nVidia could watch this short video and could maybe provide insight to this:

(make sure to watch in 720P)

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