Hanns.g is this a problem?? please help

16 Sep 2006
hello 2 @
i recently got a hanns.g hw191d, now im starting to notice a lot of ghosting in games,especially on freelancer:(
when reading other threads about this monitor everyone says just how good it is and that there is no notiable ghosting, so i have the question??

1:is it possible that due to faults in manufacturing a monitor could ghost more than another even if its the same?

and is there any settings that i could use to help? its kinda like im seeing two imprints of the same image over the top of one another exept its slightly missplaced
its getting to the stage now where i get eye strain and headaches after an hour of useing the screen.
its kinda like getting really drunk and trying to walk home after a night out
anyway thx for looking at this thread:)