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Harddrive usage lights

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by jim5000, 7 May 2006.

  1. jim5000


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    My case (quite old now) has 3 harddisc access lights. I've had a variety of motherboards in there (from an athlon 1000 to an a64 3000), but i've never had a board which had connections for 3 harddisc lights.

    Do you need some special sort of card or something, or can you rig the actual harddrives to the lights?

    I just find it abit strange that the case has 3 lights with harddrive icons, but i've never seen or heard of a board with those sort of connections!
  2. rpstewart

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    I've never seen a motherboard with multiple HDD access LED connectors, my RocketRaid SATA card has them but that's an add on.

    I have seen HDDs with connectors on the drive itself for an access lamp too but I think those have all been SCSI drives designed for hot swap enclosures where you connected an LED on the hot swap cartridge to the drive.