HDMI output splitter

18 Oct 2002
I have a PC that I use for gaming and Kodi that is currently connected to an AV amp and a 4K Panasonic TV.

I also have another Panasonic TV in my bedroom and I’d like to able to connect this to the same PC.

I connected the bedroom TV to the second HDMI output on my amp and realised that the drawback is that the amp outputs sound to its speakers in the lounge even when the lounge TV is off.

next I connected the bedroom TV to a different output of my graphics card and set Windows to clone the display to both outputs. The problem here is that Windows will only output audio through one of the connections at a time, so I’d have to keep switching the default audio playback device.

So, what I thought I’d try next is to simply split the HDMI output from the graphics card and send it to both TVs. They are both similar TVs and, crucially, both of them can receive the same resolutions etc, so there shouldn’t be any conflict there. I see that you can buy simple HDMI splitter for about £15, but does anyone have any experience of whether they actually do what you’d hope? I can imagine that HDMI handshakes being an issue, for example. I’d need 4K 60hz to be sent to both TVs.

Alternatively, is there another simple solution for mirroring the PC’s video and audio output?

Thanks in advance.
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