Heatsink fell off!

11 Jan 2004
Well I've been having some real weird problems lately. Sudden power offs.. computer wouldn't come on until I changed the fuse on the plug.

Anyway, today I had a serious issue with it. The damn thing wouldn't stay on. It was on for about 5 seconds and then would cut out. I had a real good hard look inside and notice that the heat sink had come away from my AMD 3400+.

Worst still, after carefully cleaning both the chip and heatsink and putting some arctic silver on, I noticed that a bit of the plastic that the hooks on the heatsink fit onto has fallen apart! Bugger.

The motherboard is a MSI K8N Neo Platinum. Can anyone advise what the cheapest method to get the plastic frame around the heatsink is?

I had a Zalman floating around somewhere but I've lost it - but from memory I think that hooked around the same plastic clips on the motherboard. I just need a new plastic heatsink mount. I'm planning on upgrading soon so I don't want to spend too much money (none would be perfect - lol).

Any ideas? At least I know why the PC kept powering off now.