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Hello all need AMD CPU advice for streaming setup.

Discussion in 'New to PC gaming & upgrade advice' started by Calranthe, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Calranthe

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    Hi all,
    I am about to start budgeting and setup a plan to update my streaming hardware.

    I've been streaming/vlogging/YT for 3 months how it really seems to suit me, I do around 12 hours a day every day.

    Youtube I vlog using my Galaxy S10+ which is fine for the task.

    I do a daily cooking show with my Cyberpower gaming laptop i7 8750h with 16gb 240gb SSD and 1060 6gb, dual camera the webcam on the laptop + a Logitech C270.
    All that is fine.

    My main streaming room is a i7 6700k 16gb 1070gtx SSD and M2 OBS + 2 monitors, with a Logitech 920c webcam and a at2020usb+ mic.

    My idea for this setup so I can keep streaming games with max graphics settings is to get a 1080p Elgato card (nothing needs 4k seen as twitch is 99% streamed a 720p for quality) and a 1080 or 2070, the i7 6700k is still an awesome cpu no no worries there.

    Now the main priority for updates is the VR room PC.
    (yes I have a separate room dedicated to it now Paola is gone no reason not to)
    Current hardware
    Asrock 350 pro 4 MB
    x1300 Ryzen cpu
    HTC Vive Pro
    EVGA 1080ti
    8GB ram.

    Now the only two weakness I see in this system is the X1300 and 8gb, you really need more than 4 cores for streaming VR (OBS + Natural locomotion + ovrdrop + for example SkyrmVR and that is not counting any resources windows needs)

    The Nvidia codec means the 1080ti can easily cope with Vive Pro resolution VR and encode for streaming, the 4 core X1300 does kind of bottleneck a little.

    I know to upgrade my memory to 16gb (how much of a difference does mhz on memory mean to Ryzen CPU's) but it is the CPU I am unsure of not really up with AMD it needs to be probably a 6 core.

    Any advice welcome.
  2. orbitalwalsh


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    VR.. amd is still weak there due to resolution. Even though it more pixels then standard Vive still takes some CPU power.

    If your able to hold out till 7th of July, slap In ryzen 3600x !
    You'd have 6 cores and 12 threads , running at faster speed as well as increased performance over ryzen 1*** & 2*** chips !

    You'd have to check with your mobo to see if bios support will be launched for Zen2 .

    Ryzen 1***/2*** on b450 boards , 3000hz ram was main kits used and 16GB is recommended. B450 3200hz was easy enough long with x470 doing 3600hz but x570 will push 3733hz but more ££££

    Seems ryzen 2700 non X is on sale here for £200 which would be a cracker
  3. Calranthe

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    Joined: Oct 5, 2007

    Posts: 532

    Actually just had amazing news!, a friend on my channel just upgraded to a 9900k and is sending me his 8700k and 16gb of DDR4 its in the post now :)
    All I need now is to grab a z390 board.