Hello from Scotland

20 Nov 2012
Aberdeenshire - Scotland
Hi all

Been browsing the forum for for a the last few days reading up on a few things.

I'm an avid gamer and I'm rarely out of the 'Mancave' when I'm at home but currently I only game on Consoles. Looking at getting into iRacing and fancy playing some ARMA and DayZ. Also really looking forward to Crysis 3. I'll probably stick to Console for COD/BF/MOH etc as there is far less in the way of Hacking/Cheating. (Yes I know DayZ is littered with Hackers but for that game it's part of the fun)

Looking to build a water cooled gaming PC but have a few questions. This will be my first effort at building a computer but I like a challenge and the deep end is the most fun, So let it begin.

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