HELP! Error trying to instal windows

21 May 2008
put together my new PC which consists of:

msi GD65 mobo
i5 750
4gb /gskill PC3-12800 ram

Mate sent me one of his old HDD's so im tring to install XP back on to this HDD so i have a computer until Win 7 gets delivered :)

i have a disk with xp on but i was planning on using it as a slave as theres lots of data on there already. i dont really want to have to wipe it all only to find its not a HDD problem in the first place!

Right, the issue is:

Booting from windows disk windows goes through its normal driver work and then BSOD with msg:

pci.sys - address f748e0bf base at F7487000, datestamp 3b7d855c

I cant run memtest for some reason from a disk (cd-r) but i dont think the problem lies there. I suspect its the HDD but it worked fine at my friends. Only though it perhaps rough royal mail transportation has damaged it...The HDD is seen in the bios if that counts for anything!!!

Anyone xp gurus still out there with any ideas i can try??

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