Help Finding A New Headset

12 Aug 2013
Hi, all. I am sure you get this posted a lot but I am struggling to find a headset as when I find a set of reviews on one headset, there is always at least one experience of a technical fault that drags down the rating.

I currently have the turtle beach X12's but have had them for a couple of years now and I would like to find a better headset. I don't want to spend an extortionate amount (a few hundred) but would be willing to push to around £100 for a good set. I use it mainly for gaming and will be using it for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

What is the best headset you recommend as, without testing them myself, I'm finding it hard to judge? If you have experienced the headset yourself, that would be even better.
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5 May 2014
the best one below £100 i know of would be the Qpad Qh90 or 85. I'm not exactly sure if these will work on the Xbox 1 or PS4 so you may need some sort of adapter which i am not sure about.
21 Jun 2006
decent headset means buying a decent pair of headphones and a cheap mic tbh look in the sound city part of the forums it's much better for this sort of thing.

for your budget you could get something like HD 595 second hand on ebay or AKG K550 or K551 or for a bit more something from Beyerdynamic.

These will absolutely smoke any "gaming" headset you buy in terms of sound quality, soundstage, etc, etc.

but the akg requires an amp to power them, this is where the problems come in decent headphones require an amp the only decent pairs i know of which don't tbh are the fidelio X1 which are around £140-£150, the HD 595 also don't really require an amp but benefit from one.

then you run into other problems with the PS4 I know for a fact you need a mixamp, the audio from the DS4 controller is absolutely terrible as is USB good enough for voice comms but not for game sounds.

a MIXAMP alone will cost you £130 brand new or £60-£80 second hand so that leaves nothing else in your budget tbh.

so you have a choice to make do you want decent sound quality on your consoles? then you will need to buy a mixamp at £60-£130.

on top of that you will then need to buy headphones and a mic.

you can get a clip on mic from DX for £1.56 (look in sound city), don't be fooled by the price it's so cheap because it's coming direct from a chinese wholesaler, its a very high quality mic, I use it myself with a £300 pair of headphones (just to give you some idea how good it is).

so that leaves the headphones you won't have much money left over after buying a mixamp so my advice would be to buy cheap ones and then upgrade when you can.

i did this myself, I bought HTF 600's which i am now selling in the members market, I then got HD 595's and now have Fidelio X1's in the post.

the HTF 600's will no doubt be better than any turtlebeach headset don't be fooled by them being cheap, they are very very highly reviewed on head fi.