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15 Nov 2008
Trying to install w7 RC1 on new build, downloaded the RC1 back when it was available but I never got round to installing it on main comp, now Im building a small office type PC for my gag,and obviously w7 is out in less than a month so wasnt going to fork out extra for vista, pre-ordered w7HP with the idea of using RC1 in mean time
So anyway I extract the .rar file and create a folder, all good, I then use Nero to create a data disc of the folders contents, it goes through burning process and says all done 100% then right at end comes up with the following error


Now this seems strange, I close Nero and open DVD to see if its done anything, startup starts from within windows (currently running vista) so I figure hey maybe the error doesnt matter, however the new PC without OS wont recognise it to boot from and keeps asking me to insert boot media. Ive ensured boot priority is to boot from DVD first and it is.
Seen as how I cant re-download w7 as its no longer available, tried burning a 2nd disc in case it was a one time error, same result
Anyone any ideas?
2 Dec 2002
The Official RC downloads as an ISO which you simply burn to disc, were did you download the RAR from, If it was MS, then rename the file (remove the .RAR so it should end in .ISO), then try burning that to disc?

My last W7 RC download had the same trouble.
21 Oct 2002
Parts Unknown
it's not a rar file, it's an ISO

I assume you have extensions off and winrar is the default file opener for ISO on your machine.

go to explorer
tap alt. tools, folder options

untick 'hide extensions for known filetypes'

click ok.

now download imgburn and write the ISO file as a 'burn image to disc' using imgburn

also, there's a newer version of 7 you can get, it's Windows 7 Enterprise, it's a 90 day trial, but it's up to date
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