help: machine locks up when copying files!

21 Jul 2005
not sure where to post this but here goes:

im having a problem with my laptop, it randomly locks up when copying large files. in the past few months, its had a new totally new hdd (i ghost'd the previous windows install onto the new one) and more recently, its had a new install of windows from scratch and it still locks the machine up.

as i said, its only noticeable when copying large files (to my NAS etc) but i've also noticed it when saving my FM2007 saves (ie, disk access) but its fine when ingame, using 100% cpu for 1 minute bursts at a time so its not my CPU being overworked, at any rate i've lowered the undervolting but thats not made a difference.

other than that, the lappy seems fine in everyday use. any ideas/suggestions on what to try bearing in mind its a laptop so harder to do things like "try a new mobo" etc.
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