Help me clean my ALu WACC Res

2 Oct 2003
Hi all!

Ive got a WACC 30cm Alu res (bought from eBay or one of the forums, cant rem exactly) and its got a few problems :(...

The first is that the inside of the res has some white residue (could be limescale, or white stuff left by waterwetter or some other watercooling liquid thingy). The stains are pretty stubborn and i can remove them with a toothbrush (Oral B for those interested) or with a scourer (the plastic ones, not metal). I was about to try some toilet bleach but remember that alu and bleach dont go well together.

The other problem is that some of the internal anodizing has come off and some of the previous coolant must have reacted with the bare alu. The bare alu is around the barb holes and theres a small chip near the end of the res.

Ideas ive had include:

1) filling it with de-ionised water and attaching it to a car battery (dont knwo where i got this idea from and dont know if this will work because of the anodizing)

2) filling it with copper sulphate and attaching it to a 12v supply to get the internal copper plated (but again dont think this will work because of the anodizing).

3) Distilled Malt Vineger - ive heard this is OK for alu, but may damage the annodizing of the res.

Any help is appreciated :)
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