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2 Jan 2011
Edinburgh, Scotland
I've been saving up for a while now for a gaming laptop, it is going to be replacing my desktop, and I already have all my reasons for getting a laptop answered, and my decision has been made to get one :)

by the end of today, I should have around £850, I plan on having a max budget of around £1200, and I have been doing some research:

The main thing I do on my pc just now is gaming, and the game I play the most is ARMA 2, arma is pretty cpu intensive, which makes me want to get an i7, which rules out the msi gx60 in my eyes. I have been looking around and I've pretty much decided which laptop I want, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford one, but I definitely have two gaming laptops in mind, both with similar spec, but they can vary depending on price etc.

the two laptops I have in mind are:

- The Clevo P170EM - I've been looking around, and I can get this with a 3630qm, blu ray drive (this would be used for movies as I love to watch movies on my pc :p), 8gb of ram and a 7970m for around £1000, this is without a hard drive or os though, this is the laptop that I'll fall back to if I can't afford the other one.

- The Alienware m17x r4 is my top choice, now I know that it is expensive, at £1500 for the same spec as the clevo, but with 6gb of ram, a dvd drive, a hdd and an os, this is near enough £500 more than the clevo new, I have been looking around and people have been saying that you can get the price down by quite a lot if you phone up dell, but I'm still unsure about whether I'll be able to get it into my budget. Which brings me to my next decision on this, I will probably try and get one off the dell outlet for around £1k hopefully with a 7970m, the only problem is that I've seen that people have seen ones that fit my criteria in my budget, but I have been looking and I haven't even seen any r4 models that have anything more powerful than a 660m, so it may be hard to get one :(

In my eyes, the alienware is worth maybe £100/200 extra over the clevo due to the fact that:

- It has a better soundcard/speakers
- It has superior build quality
- It has better warranty/cs (unless I get the clevo from ocuk of course :p)
- It runs cooler
- It has a better keyboard (I don't like the idea of the clevo's "island" keys)
- It has awesome led options (a big thing for me as I love leds :D)(Also this has orange leds, unlike the clevo, which is also a huge plus for me :p)
- It has better I/O
- It looks better
- It has a rubberised finish, which imo is better than a brushed ali one, as it won't have as many fingerprint marks
- It has dedicated media buttons

So, what are your opinions guys? I also hope that there is no-one who comes in here just to say "why are you buying a laptop? get a desktop instead!" as I'm sick of explaining exactly why I want to get one.
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