Help me get back into overclocking.

18 Oct 2002
Many moons ago I used to spend a lot of time overclocking PC's. I once even got to position 2 on the Orb with a Vapochill and TEC/Watercooled GPU with a portable airconditioner cooled chassis.

But as said that was a long time ago back in the days of GF3's :) and now i'm a bit at a loss as to where to start.

I have just purchased a E4300(my first intel since 486 days :eek:) and a nice shiny P5N-E SLI with a 320Mb GTS and a couple of gig of geil 6400.

Is there any specific guides out there that cover the P5N-E (I tried looking in the thread but there seems to be a lot of folks taking about stuff they don't have :) and I got a bit confused :( )

What also confused me is memory. Never had any DDR2 before and back in the good old days you just adjusted FSB and CPU with mem being directly linked.

Now I see DDR2 is Quad pumped but what I don't understand is why the FSB of some chips is 1066 and the Ram supported is only 800. What also confuses me is people saying for high multiplier chips like 6300+ you need fast mem(if so what is the unlinked option for?)

I also see people talking about needing a FSB of 400 - 450 + but if this is quad pumped are they saying the ram is only running at 100mhz? or are they using double rate terminology and saying 200-225?

Anyways I tried unlinking my ram on my new shiny mobo and upping the FSB a bit but even at 850 it wouldn't boot into windows. Hence why asking for help.
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14 Nov 2005
Up North
People state the fsb in the old way i.e 400fsb which is equal to 1600 Quad pumped. Some mobo's ask for the QDR(1600) some ask for the old fsb(400) if you get what I mean ;) . Welcome back to the overclocking scene :D
9 Apr 2004
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Hope you can get your OCing wings back :) Have to let us know how you get on as I'm 99.9% certain my next rebuild will be based arounf Intell too, after a fair few AMDs over the past few years :)