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Help me settle an ongoing work based network speed dispute!

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by Chandler_90, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. skyripper

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    That shouldn't factor into the OPs life and work choices. It's a business, it's not really investing in one of its employees so should that OP stay "out of loyalty" ? If they wasn't related they'd be on the phone to an agent last week I reckon.
  2. Jamauk

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    Probably terrible advice I know, I had surgery planned that the hospital said would take around six months recovery time, my employer was aware of it and were very understanding, but there were others described by myself and others as "the untouchables", I'm sure every business has them, so in the week before surgery I made a point of telling them how bad there decisions were, etc. Then six months down the line walked in, explained that my absence wasn't fair on the company and resigned with immediate effect after I'd explained my time off wasn't fair on the company. I had a look round and the department had fallen apart, something I found quite funny.

    It's a difficult one in your situation with family loyalty, but consider resigning and just before you leave tell those that argue what you exactly what you think. It would be interesting if they have to recruit someone new (and probably more costly) that has the same ideas as yo. This office manager sounds like a right ****!
  3. Duke

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    Definitely leave.
  4. Juicy Jama


    Joined: Sep 3, 2019

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    Leave. I cant understand how companies dont see IT as a worthy investment.
  5. Felix


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    I am surprised your father doesn't listen to you and read person B the riot act unless person B is a sibling!
  6. Psycho Sonny


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    Tell your dad to retire. You become ceo.

    Run the place how you like. Give your dad a weekly payment to tide him over.

    Or get another job.
  7. jaybee


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    Ask for evidence that shows your internet usage is causing an impact. They won't be able to present any.
  8. Janesy B


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    Some pages might keep sessions open but they should time out, and sessions shouldn't be an issue as long as the router isn't a total piece of rubbish. Even then they can adjust the TCP keepalives to teardown any sessions and free up resources, this is something had with an older linux based router that was session limited rather than being smart enough to throttle based on CPU usage.

    You can do netstat -a to show open connections and netstat -b to show which programs are generating the sessions.

    Some people can't be bothered to find and fix any issues so just blame your usage based on no evidence.
  9. r7slayer


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    Get something like Netflow analyser or something similar? It will show you what devices is using x amount of bandwidth/traffic on the network. Then you can start off by saying prove it? Then if they can't just say well i can and show them the stats.
  10. MissChief


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    Considering you can get 100MB Synchronous for around £220pm with no upfront fees (depending on construction charges) I'd say it's absolutely an investment that you should make.