Help RAM Decision

19 May 2004
Horsham, West Sussex
I'm about to receive the following

Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P

Phenom II 955BE

On Friday night I ordered this RAM

Then I spotted that it runs at 1.8V rather than the normal 1.65V so was a little concerned that this is actually lower speed RAM being overclocked - hence the need for the higher voltage, epescially because they do this one

I was wondering whether I would be better off with one of these


I tried to cancel the order whilst I consider it but there is no cancel option.

So I sent a WebNote and tried to call them in the morning but couldn't get through before I had to go out.

Anyway despite sending the WebNote in plenty of time they didbn't read it until 3:30pm after they had processed an sent it out.

So my dilemma.

Although OcUk say I can send it back I'm tempted just to keep it and avoid the hassle of RMA.

My board MoBo can only support upto 1600 anyway and I think the OCZ can reach that pretty well.

What do you think?


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