Help replacing Sons Graphics Card

12 Jan 2021
Father needing help alert !! :D:D

I need to replace my sons graphics card which seems to be causing random crashes of his PC

He has a Radion R9 200 , he is currently running from the onboard graphics which is stable but not allowing him to use some programs (twitch etc)

I'd like a few alternatives if possible as I know there's not a lot of stock floating around right now.

Budget is £150-200 max

Your help would be very, very much appreciated
6 Nov 2005
Its real bad right now, in theory the following should all be good options in that price range, but finding stock that isn't ridiculously overpriced is basically impossible.

AMD RX 570
AMD RX 580
AMD 5500XT
GTX 1060
GTX 1650 super
GTX 1660

The only ones of these currently in stock here are the RX 580 and 570... but they are priced at roughly £100 - £150 more than they should be :( and even then they are basically 3 generations old at this point. Might be worth looking at 2nd hand stuff, but this shortage has gone on long enough that even 2nd hand is basically non-existent and overpriced.

There are 1050ti card floating around for not terrible money, and they are functional, but are at least 1 big step down on performance compared to any of the above
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