Help with Mario 64 ds please

5 Aug 2004
Hi guys, a month or so ago i bought mario 64 ds but never really got round to playing the main adventure just the mini games (was a preowned game so most games were unlocked) I didn't play the original so i have no real knowledge of the game, anyway last week my girlfriend had flu and she borrowed my ds just to play the mini games but quickly got hooked on the adventure, she's not played any games at all before so she needs to ask my advice quite a bit and i'm useless myself as i've never played it.

Now the main point is she's asked me how she can unlock luigi, now from walkthroughs i've read i see you have to be mario and apparently you have to go into a haunted house through the courtyard which she can do easily, however apparently there's a shelf in this level you can float up to with the painting of luigi...

do you have to do anything to get this at all? she can't find it does she need to kill something first?

also she recently got 30 stars and when she opened the 30 star door it said something about 'have you got luigi to stomp the 2 columns yet?' which columns are these?

and on yet another thing are there any general gameplay hints and tips she might need ie that looking into the light thing to go to the flying level?

thanks for your help all!
31 Jul 2005
I haven't played the game in months so I might be wrong.

Go into the haunted house and go up the stairs to the second floor, go into the furthest room on the right. There will be a red block around, use it and float up to the door above. Go through it to find the luigi painting.
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18 Oct 2002
As described above, this is the room you're after:


The ledge you need to get up to is directly above the door you come into the room through. Just get onto the platform to the right of the pic, aim for the wall next to it, and wall jump off it onto the ledge. The Luigi picture should be nice and obvious once you get up there - just jump into it to start the level where you get him. :)

EDIT: Now with video:

Oh yeah, there's a block to float with on the DS one isn't there. Forgot about that.
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