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Henry Cavill to play Geralt in Netflix witcher series

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by Devrij, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Royal Fleet


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    Episode 2 was poor. It picks up and stays up from there. I have watched up to 7 now.
  2. timebomb26

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    Finished it last night. Some wooden acting aside I really enjoyed it, although have never read books or played the game. My only complaint was the pacing. If it had been a 15 episode season it would have likely been fine, but I was left wanting a lot more. Maybe that's a good thing, but doesn't feel that way with likely a year plus wait until season 2.
  3. Rroff

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    I didn't find that too much to be the case to be fair, there was a couple of bits when involving elves or dwarves but largely they don't feature much.
  4. inflames


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    I have all 3 Witcher games, but only played the first one and still haven’t completed it. I tend to find I haven’t got enough time to do it justice I only have a hour or two to play, I find that’s not enough for a game like that. now Iv watched the show I feel I should persevere with it.
    I also have a couple of the books on the shelf to read, they are in my to read pile. Now I am quite glad this is the case as I don’t have weighted opinion. As I know those who have read the books are happy but they skipped over some the finer parts of the story. Those who have played the games seem to be disappointed.
    Now Iam only half way through the season, I have enjoyed it some far. Needs to be rounded and polished a bit more. I can see why people are complaining about the time jumping around, as it is not clear, you can figure it out.
  5. DeanT77

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    I loved this show.

    Cavill was a great fit for the Witcher, for me anyway :)

    Seeing this show was interesting, particular the story of the characters from the Witcher 3, as this was my only experience of this universe.

    The only thing that confused me (quite a lot actually) was the timeline constantly moving with not much clarity or explanation on it doing so.
  6. sgavan

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    I just finished watching it, not been into the witcher games/lore but thought it was ok, reminds me of the TV series Merlin but with better effects
  7. banbom44


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    It was alright give it about a 7 out of ten probably would have been an 8 but the ciri stuff was boring.
  8. Matthew.M


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    Finished this. I went in having never read any of the books or played the games and thought it was amazing. Mid way through the season I wasn’t too impressed but by episodes 6-7, when it became clearer how everything stitched together, I thought it really picked up.

    Can’t wait for season 2!
  9. Bassmansam


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    I must of watched episode 6 about 4 times. They really nailed the short story and Ron Cook done a brilliant job as Borch.
  10. B1gbeard

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    Renfri, Yennefer obviously we knew about, Triss is very different. My son said there are one or two others as well. Ciri was going to be also originally. It's getting harder to find any thing to watch or play, adaptation or not, that hasn't been hit with someone's diversity/ideology bat. In this case very heavily, to the point of disrespect to the original work I feel but I am sure some of that is just fatigue. It's seem everything is being used as someones platform at the moment.
  11. Squark


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    Not a fan of Triss, but everyone else seems great.
  12. dowie


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    I made the mistake of watching some on the train on the way home for Christmas... later on Christmas "hey, do you mind if I stick some Netflix on - there is this Game of thrones type thing on"

    [puts on the Witcher]


    "Why does that guy have a hedgehog head?" "Why are they flying now?" "WTF is this???"

    I did like the series but I do think they could have perhaps fleshed it out a bit more and not jumped around so much - the amount they covered could have perhaps been told over a couple of seasons with a bit more character development etc...

    Well Netflix is a US media company - the US is very into identity politics at the mo.... so screw Polish culture, they're white people and could do with some forced diversity. Of course if it were the other way around then there would be outrage etc...

    Not sure re: the books and the elves storyline but wouldn't be too surprised if that had been distorted/twisted into the - evil humans colonised the elf lands etc.. that they portrayed
  13. Vern1961


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    Well watched up to Ep 5 so far and quite enjoying it. I'm new to the Witcher world, never played the games or read the books though I have purchased TW3 in the Steam Xmas sale, still pretty much on the opening missions and quests.

    As others have noted, the timeline seems... weird. Seems to be jumping forward and back with no real benchmark to set against. And do these people live longer than a normal "human" lifespan - in Ep 5 there were several references to people not been seen for "years" or maybe a Witcher world year is shorter than ours? I don't know...
  14. Boge


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  15. robgmun


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    I have to be honest up until the end of Ep4 i thought The Witcher was a jumbled mess and i wasn't really enjoying it as much as i thought i would. The forced diversity stuck out like a sore thumb as well. Even my wife thought Triss was an ugly old hag.

    But Ep5 and 6 were a vast improvement over the first 4, and i felt it found it's tone and stopped with the stupid time hopping. We're going to see the last 2 episodes tomorrow and hope they stick the landing. There's also hope that because Triss is a witch they can recast her and simply say she needed to change her appearance for some reason.
  16. melmac


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    I guess I am in minority here, but, I don't think Cavill makes a good Geralt. I am only 4 episodes in though, so maybe he might improve. He is too wooden.

    It jumps all over the place, with no explanation for most of what's happening. This is tough for Witcher fans to follow, but people who haven't played the games or read the books, I can't see those people liking it.

    I am struggling to like it myself, but, most people say that it improves a lot after episode 4, I will hold off judging it until I watched it all.
  17. krooton


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    Finished yesterday. I never read the books, but played all the games.

    Went in with low expectations, and was pleasantly surprised, I thought it was good, a 7/10.

    I had massive reservations about Cavill, but he nailed it imo, to the point that I don't see Superman/Cavill, I just see Geralt. :D

    I don't think the time skipping was as bad as some make out, the first few episodes it doesn't matter that much, and
    by the time of Yenn gatecrashing the ascension party, with the nod to young Foltest and his sister, it become clear what was happening.
    Perhaps I am just ok with non-linear storytelling, but my wife was able to follow it as well.

    Triss did seem off to me, mainly because the game has hammered in the cheeky redhead aspect into my brain, but overall I think the castings have been pretty on point.

    Really enjoyed the final 3 episodes when everything picks up and gels together.

    Bring on season 2!
  18. MikeB

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    I have played all the Witcher games, never read the books, to me Cavill IS Geralt, moody, broody and wooden, same as the games

    Only issue I have with the series is we need MORE episodes
  19. EddScott


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    I'm watching it but don't think it's that great. Cavil's half turn with raised eye brow is way overused. All the girls have nice boobs.

    Pretty much my take away after 3/4 eps. :)
  20. The Old School Gamer


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    I really liked Season 1 and Yennefer's character development and story arc.