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How many SM's in full fat TU-102 and TU-104 ?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by ToOo, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. Meaker


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    So where are they hiding in the die shot?
  2. String


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    Maybe you would be less confused if he had released actual benchmark comparison figures, as opposed to all the cryptic Gigaray patter.
  3. 4K8KW10


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    754 sq. mm chip is so large, it is crazy. Why do nvidia even feel the need to release it, when their old Pascal midrange chip was just 200 sq. mm?!
    AMD will completely demolish them with a much smaller chip.
  4. orbitalwalsh


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    Smaller nodes doesn't always mean smaller chips . Means you can cram more into a set area but when you need to cram a lot in.. it's going to get big

    If they cut the RT with 2060/50, should be a nice smaller die
  5. Kaapstad

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  6. Mauller


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    Yeah, like I mentioned there likely won't be a TU100 but a TU200 on 7nm with a respin of the rest of the series on 7nm as well. I don't see the 12/16nm Turing series being long lived. With 7nm they will also likely be able to increase clocks by 25% giving a performance uplift with the refresh.