HP 8610 head not connected?

18 Oct 2002
Behind you... Naked!
I have been using this printer for a couple of years now and quite honestly, I love it.

Its my first AIO printer and I am overly happy with it.

Unfortunately, about 2 months ago, it whined about the heads not being attached?

I turned it off then back on again ( Thanks IT Crowd LOL ) and this seemed to cure it for lettign me print a page or two again, but now its not working at all now and just says the message all the time.

I have NEVER tried to fix a printer, like this and frankly, would not know what to do with this thing.

Is this a known issue and can it be fixed cheaply, or shall I just get a new printer?

The option of having it fixed iis high because it has only had new inks about 6 months ago and they are still over 95% all full.
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