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15 May 2006
Neocron was brilliant in it's day. It was like a breath of fresh air when aiming really mattered. I fondly remember taking down giant robots solo with the use of cover and the pvp was manic. Then the French company running things, who were ***** to begin with (the open beta they ran they basically considered a test so let duping and xploits run wild then ironed these out for launch, by which time the games rep was in the toilet) decided they wanted to force grouping and made huge sections of the game unplayable for everyone but clans. But for 6 months it was a cyberpunk mmofps with heaps of atmosphere and where levelling wasn't really relevant. If Huxley is that good, sign me up!

i absolutely feel the same way, the atmosphere in neocron was second to none and no other game has been able to replicate that and i have been searching for a replacement ever since leaving. also the skill system was brilliant as you could tweak the char so much to fit your playstyle.

the fact you could solo your own rares was a great idea and also you could go anywhere in the game and still be able to get the parts for all the rares (instead of being restricted to grinding the same place). yes they got so many things right in this game and no game company has even come remotely close to recreating it. as sleepless says if huxley is that good sign me up!
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11 Mar 2004
But from what I'm reading it's not a true mmo, like I said just a glorified game of Battlefield with town-like lobbies. I originally thought it was like Planetside, but it doesn't look like it.

doesn't sound like that to me at all

Huxley Game Details:
1). FPS “ First Person Shooter ” IN A PERSISTENT WORLD.
This game not only delivers the excitement and rich gameplay experience of an MMORPG but also combines the same action of an First person shooter known as an FPS. Huxley Players can communicate with each other in a virtual online city, and participate in side battles with the intuitive PvP [player vs. player] system. Everything a character does in the Huxley world directly affects the success of not only the individual, but also of their race and party; from battles to behaviors, all interactions are linked to the survival of a character’s entire race. take a look at FAQ

2). Large Scale Battles.
This MMOFPS goes past traditional death match First person shooter gameplay by challenging players to adapt to new forms of combat to protect the interests of the camp. Servers will be solely dedicated to accommodate millions of users engaged in fast paced, large-scale combat. Players will require strategy and cooperation to achieve victory. Extensive multiplayer battle modes are available each with a variety of unique fighting techniques and special characteristics.

3). Advanced A.I. and Quests.
Huxley has advanced A.I. that rivals other online games. Enemies in the game demonstrate remarkable intelligence, which can be used to a player’s advantage or demise. Quests will take players on paths of intrigue to uncover conspiracies resulting in confrontations. Each quest is continually updated so players feel as though they are enjoying a new story mode every time they play. Take a look at Vehicles

4). Character Growth and Unique play styles.
The characters in are continuously growing, which is rare in FPS games. Players within this game are able to enhance their own combat styles by obtaining out-of-this-world weapons and new skills, which in turn continuously challenges players to adopt different gameplay styles as they progress.
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