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I found my old skool Coolermaster cases - forgot how beautiful they are

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by Hades, Aug 12, 2018 at 9:11 PM.

  1. Hades


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    While clearing out my loft I found my old Coolermaster cases. These are from the late 90's to early 2000's I seem to recall. The light was fading so the pictures aren't great and not showing them as their best. But in real life I forgot how beautiful they are. I was clearing the loft to throw things away or sell them but I'm not so sure now. Realistically I'm never going to use them again but they have a lot of sentimental value as these were the two cases I spend my Quake years with.

    On the left is a Coolermaster ATCS 111 and on the right is the ATCS 4000.

    The 4000 in particular is quite an interesting case. It's actually a rack mount server case which can be used vertically if needed. It can take an extended E-ATX motherboard and because of the length of the case I fit a triple radiator in the middle of it (drive cages at the front behind that mesh, then a triple radiator, then the motherboard at the rear). It's quite a heavy case too because of the very thick aluminium.

    There's no real reason for this post other than I was quite thrilled when I found them. They still have motherboards and CPU's inside but without taking them apart I'm at a loss to remember what CPU's are in them.


  2. Iron-man


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    antiques now :), I am sure you can find a use for the them so they stay around
  3. Kurgen

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    I prefer these old cases to coolermasters current range