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I have a problem ? do screens need drivers ?

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by joemorris86, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. joemorris86


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    I recently brought this screen, and half the time its on it flashes black then back to the screen then back to black (its doing it now lol)

    Do I need drivers maybe, or do I have a dodgy screen. Its this screen:

    OcUK Value L1562S 15" LCD Monitor - Silver/Black (MO-008-OK)
    OcUK's Value new 15" Multimedia LCD Monitor with high quality screen rescaling capability and Image Color Matching Profile.

    - 1024x768 Optimum Resolution
    - 400:1 Contrast Ratio
    - Viewing Angle 160° horizontal, 160° vertical
    - 20ms Response Time
    - 250 cd/m2 Brightness
    - One Analogue Input
    - 3 Years Manufacturer On-Site Warranty - Call on 0207 9932753 or 0207 1019511 for warranty on-site replacement service and D.O.A.

    All the plugs are in nice and tight.

    edit: After reading some more posts here I checked my screen refresh rate at it was set to 70 so I have turned it down to 60. Maybe that will make a difference.
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    Windows drivers should be fine for most monitors. You could always try and install any that came with the monitor.
  3. Baddass


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    hopefully 60Hz will make a difference. if not try the screen on another PC if possible, see if you can identify if it is the monitor or the graphics card