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I have a problem with Nvidia GPU Boost.

15 Mar 2010
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Nvidia GPU Boost seems to give you a dynamic overclock when you LEAST need it.

For example: I'm playing a game where the AVG. FPS is 60, the card will struggle in some scenes (30 FPS) and thrive in others (90 FPS), it seems that the dynamic overclock will activate in those less stressful scenes, right?

The thing is, I'm not really going to benefit of an increase from 90 to 95 FPS, I need that performance increase when I notice the game is playing less smoothly, NOT when it is far beyond an acceptable frame rate.

All it seems GPU Boost will do is mislead me when sites publish Benchmarks as GPU Boost is artificially increasing the average frame rate by increasing the upper bound but not doing anything to fix scenes where the game is at 35~ FPS. The GPU with the lower AVG FPS could in fact be smoother as it could be more consistently playing around it's average.

eg. I could think one GPU is better than another just because the AVG. FPS is 3-10 FPS higher, but really, the average is being pushed up by a higher maximum FPS which does contribute to smooth gameplay.
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