I need another job!

11 Nov 2002
West Mids
I signed up to a temp agency for summer office work to save up cash to go travelling from september.

So I got some work at a reputable tyre company and I'm being trained to be responsible for sorting out shipping for all uk exports. The responsibility is ridiculously big for temp and the wage (6 quid an hour) just does not match the work, which I'm finding complicated and difficult to take on board. I'm due to take over the guy who's training me on wednesday and I just think it's a stupidly big job for a temp.

The problem is, I need the money and I can't look for work while I'm working full time.

This is a rant, but kind of a question too. I mean, has anyone else been in this position and if so, what did you do?

Man of Honour
24 Sep 2005
I am currently looking for a part time job. A few days ago I made a cv and handed it out to a fair few restaurants and filled in a few application forms to be a waiter. Havn't heard back as yet, but its an idea.