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IDF 2006: Terascale Processing Brings 80 Cores to your Desktop

15 Jun 2006
What is Terascale?

If you’ve never heard the term “terascale” before reading this article, you aren’t alone. Before attending this Fall’s IDF, I hadn’t been introduced to the term either. But after hearing and reading about it and doing a lot of research into the technology, I can tell you that we are going to walk away from this technology overview excited about the future of computing.

The basic premise of Terascale computing is being able to work on terabytes of data on a single machine which would require teraflops of processor power. (Terabyte is approximately 1024 GBs and a Teraflop is approximately 1000 Megaflops.)

quite a big article and before I hear crys of repost... it isnt this is about the terrascale process in detail and how they actually believe that they can gain full use of it

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23 Mar 2005
A good read - be very interesting to see how this pans out. Nice to see intel thinking outside the box a bit - did them proud on Conroe so we'll see if this helps again. Be interesting to see how the programming industry adapts to this - still don't see much use for multi-core in the home, but hopefully this will start to change!
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