15 Apr 2012
North Wales
Hi, Im Ryan, I am 19 years old and have a full time Job working at a computer shop in Wrexham Noth Wales, I have been working there for one and a half years.
I do a lot of PC gaming and have been doing so for just over three years ( Not as long as most people), I am not a Pro player and im far from it. My in game name is usualy WelshSniper( Or some thing along that line).
Before I got into Gaming and PCs, I was at 6th form studing A Level History and Drama tech(The lighting/Sound Guy), I left 6th for in order to work with PCs. I can speek Welsh(Not as good as I used to, as I dont get the chance to speak it as often).
I like to go AirSofting and Mountian Biking, I own a Kona Blast 09 Bike, At the time it cost me about £500. I have yet to buy my self an AirSoft gun. I also own 2 Air Rifles, one is a .22 bsa meteor mk2, and the other is a .177 I do not know the make of that one, I am saving up to buy my self a baby desert eagle, That is a C02 .177 Steal BB.

So yeah, Nice to meet you all...

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