iPad 4 Rugged Case - With shoulder strap

18 Oct 2002
I am working on a project equipping building surveyors with iPad 4's using a specialist surveying app. Some of this work will be outdoors and possibly some ladder work, so we need rugged cases for them. They be using the rear camera, so anything that covers it is out.

I can see these getting dropped without a shoulder strap.

I've looked at the Otterbox Defender which looks to be the best case, and they do the Utility Series Latch case as an extra for the strap, but the latch case is only held on with elastic and I can see it falling out.

The Griffin Survivor is out because the camera is covered.

The best option I've seen is the Lifeproof Nuud, but that's nearly £150 for the case and the strap and UK sellers look thin on the ground.

Can anyone recommend anything else?
21 Nov 2011
I would highly recommend the Otterbox Defender, we use to use them at my old work, the elastic will not slip off easily at all, and if worse come to worse and it either falls or you drop the iPad, the otter box case will protect it 100%.
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